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The ISN Mentorship Program fosters expertise-building relationships between highly experienced nephrologists (the mentors) and nephrologists from Low-Middle income countries (the mentees) who would benefit from guidance in a specific area(s). The program focusses primarily on mentees requiring counsel in the domain of clinical research, as well as mentees who are under 40 years of age seeking counsel in an area not specifically related to research.
The Mentorship Program is a joint effort between the Clinical Research Program (CRP) and the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC).

Via this online application platform, ISN welcomes applications from both mentors and mentees at any time during the year.

We strongly advise that you read our detailed Policies & Procedures (under Resources at the top of the page) before applying.

Some basic criteria:

  • All applicants (mentors & mentees) are to be ISN members in good-standing.
  • All applications (mentors & mentees) must be accompanied by a CV.
  • All mentee applications must be accompanied by an ‘Action Plan’ proposal.
  • Mentors and mentees pledge to uphold regular interaction via skype/e-mail/phone/etc, and agree to provide ISN with 6-monthly progress reports.

Some info on the reviewing and matching process:

The Program’s Committee members will review each application for eligibility, after which they will aim to establish a suitable mentor-mentee pairing for the successful applicants as based upon the responses received in the forms. If no suitable match is readily available, the applicant will remain active in our program until the time that a match can be made with a suitable partner.
Applications received from mentees interested in clinical research will be assessed and matched by the Research Program Committee, regardless of their age. Young nephrologists (under 40 years of age) will be assessed and matched by the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC), unless they have a specific interest in research.
Mentors will at first be assigned to a maximum of one ISN mentee. A grand maximum of two mentees may be assigned at a future time, as long as a qualitative and beneficial relationship can be ensured. Mentors will be given the opportunity to agree to a proposed mentee before the match is made official.